Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Take The Time To Listen to This Brief Talk ...You Won't Regret It!

This Fabian4Liberty YouTube videographer could not have said what's on my mind any better. 

Now I don't do poli-tics, but because I have children and am very concerned for their future, I ran for a central committee seat in my county hoping to just get involved. 

I have "NO AGENDA" (unusual for AmeriKan politics), and I want "NO POWER" (unusual for AmeriKan politics). I just want to get local, community driven, involved and perhaps see others coming out of the fog and aligned with the same concerns about the USofA INC's corrupt to the core government. 

However, at last night's meeting, I was quite surprised and elated to see more people showing up who are 'pissed' at this long ago infiltrated and treasonous takeover of OUR country, but more importantly, concerned about their kid's and grand kid's future. I saw more people with unselfish interests vs the norm and indoctrinated "what's in it for me" AmeriKan way.

In addition, many of those who came to this meeting, we're not buying into the false left vs right paradigm …like somehow all the FDA approved poisons, brainwashing, MSM TV news lies and over all dumbing down process of the good people of this country, compliments the USofA INC government, were also divinely being non-effective. (Please note that in order to run for this committee seat you still have to choose between the ass or the elephant's ass).

In addition, many were talking about localizing and finding "common ground" among anyone who was more concerned about their nation vs what's going on in their own backyard. That, too, gave me some hope being that the USofA INC government's divide and conquer strategy, along with all the PSYOPS they utilize to create that division among the LARGER populous, was divinely becoming ineffective too.

Take 8 minutes and listen to Fabian's short talk. I couldn't have said it better myself:

Julie Telgenhoff / Sheep Media L.L.C.