Monday, September 16, 2013

The Ultimate Goal Is Mind Control

by: Dave Hodges @

In Part One of this Series, I detailed how special interests, university think tanks, combined with key federal agencies, are conspiring to implement (not plan) complete control over the internet. Initially, I believe that their two goals are (1) profit; and, (2) control of the flow of information similar to what we see in the corporate controlled media. However, I quickly realized that I had set my sights too low in assessing target goals for these groups. It is becoming increasingly clear that ultimate goal is mind control. The power brokers of this planet are seeking to install a police state grid which is absolute in its ability to control all thought, all emotion and consequently, all behavior. The end result will be to remove all potential opposition. These people are the enemy of all humanity and it is clear that they view humanity as their enemy which needs to be controlled, used and then tossed aside like some piece of garbage.
In less than a 2000 word article, I cannot present all the proof that the free will of human beings to be self-determining creatures who are allowed to live out their lives in the pursuit of their destiny, is near an absolute end. What I can do, is to trace the progression of events which shows how close humanity is to being totally controlled by outside interests who do not have our best interests at heart. What I can also do is to present enough evidence which can act as springboard for the readers to do their own research in order to determine their own personal threat assessment. My conclusions may not be your conclusions, but for many, I think we will find much common ground. Walk with me through the next 2000 words as I detail how perilously close we all are to losing our free will, our dignity and even our souls. For the future of humanity, I view what is unfolding as an extinction level event.

Inch By Inch, It’s a Cinch: The Law of Incrementalism

If the government were to announce, tomorrow, that we had a month to comply with mandatory chipping, we would witness widespread civil disobedience. The paradigm shift would be too great for the government and its managing special interests to control. However, if humanity can be nudged, bumped, then pushed, then shoved in that direction, the goal is much more doable. I would suggest what is happening in England as a nudge and a bump in the direction of ordinary people accepting the their own future consisting of micro chipping.
All dogs in England will, as of April 2016, have to be micro-chipped as part of a British government attempt to cut the number of strays and make pet owners more responsible for their animals. The British government also states that it will cut down on the number of dog attacks against children. It seems that all controversial government programs are implemented under the umbrella of is protecting the children. Whenever we hear the phrase ,”protecting the children,” we should become very suspicious.
According to British government reports, eight children have been killed in dog attacks in the UK since 2005, many of which happened in the home. Subsequently, Fido must be chipped to make the children safer. I am not sure how chipping dogs will make a dog bite less unless, of course, the chip endows the animal with new self-reflective cognitive skills because it seems that this massive chipping program is based upon a laughable premise. Are the Brits to expect that escaping detection and prosecution will lead the dogs to be less aggressive? This is ludicrous. How then will chipping dogs make children or anyone else more safe? The short answer is that it will not. This is part of a conditioning process in which the Brits and soon, the Americans, will come to accept the chip for themselves.
I predict that a related headline, in a few short years will read like this: All humans in the United States will, as of April 2020, have to be micro-chipped as part of a federal government attempt to cut down on the number crimes, especially crimes against children, committed by a growing homeless population.
I believe it is clear that the conditioning process is already well underway in the United States as well.

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