Monday, December 2, 2013

The Kardashian 2013 Christmas Card: A Tribute to the Illuminati Entertainment Industry

by: Julie Telgenhoff

Kardashian 2013 Christmas Card with Blatant Illuminati Imagery

From our point of view, the Kardashian 2013 Christmas Card has little to do with Christmas and everything to do with Illuminati symbolism. Shown below is their 2012 Holiday Card which at least displayed some resemblance to a white Christmas.

This Illuminati sell-out family would do anything for fake fame and fortune so it only makes sense that they would be willing to pose for a photo shoot to serve their luciferian-worshiping masters and put their name on it.

It seems that these images are showing up everywhere and very intentional. It’s become so obvious that it’s almost invisible to the mass herd of celebrity worshiping sheeple.

There is so much symbolism in this photo that instead of us telling the viewer the meaning, let’s have the viewer comment below as to what they see blatantly displayed in this sell-out family’s 2013 holiday card. After viewing the photos, please comment below. Thank you.

Kardashian’s Holiday Card for 2012 displaying at least some resemblance to a white Christmas
What a difference a year makes: The family's holiday card for 2012 was a lot more low-key, and showed all of the clan celebrating while dressed in white

2013 Kardashian Illuminati Christmas Card photos shot by David LaChapelle Below: 
Their most elaborate one yet: The Kardashians have released their annual family Christmas card, which was shot by David LaChapelle for 2013
Show-stopping: Kim is the centre of attention in the image, wearing a black gown with a keyhole cut-out to display her ample cleavage and a split all the way up one side
The big reveal: The family revealed this year's card on Keeping Up With The Kardashians: A Very Merry Christmas special
Pulling out all the stops: Bruce Jenner is seen in a glass case, while Kris sat proudly atop a cashier and Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian lounged in the background with Kourtney's children Mason and Penelope
Sister act: Kendall (R) and Kylie Jenner wore similar black dresses while stood amongst various tabloid magazines with members of the famous family on the cover
Hat's nice: Kylie was clearly excited about her look for the card and on Sunday shared a photo on Instagram in which she can be seen showing off her silver headdress


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