Monday, July 29, 2013

(VIDEO) CIA Agent “NEVER Watch Television”!!

Incredible thinker Alan Watt on the serious dangers of television “programming”.

(VIDEO) CIA Agent “NEVER Watch Television”!!

TV is The Greatest Scientific Indoctrination Tool Ever Devised
It’s Changed the whole culture of  Nations ...because they love to have you 
entertained. Do you really think it was to entertain you? Most of your ideas 
and opinions and how you emulate ...because you imitate and emulate 
what you see becomes you; you become it! You’re played like a harp,
and you’ll behave like the characters you watch. It plays on your emotions.


  1. The internet, social networks such as facebook, are making a HUGE change in this. People can now speak loudly and be heard! With the internet media is no longer a one way street.