Monday, August 5, 2013

22 U.S. Embassies Remain Closed – Here Comes the Boogie Man Again ...PLUS Worldwide Military Exercises During Window of Potential False-Flag Period

22 US Embassies were closed yesterday and security has been heightened as unspecific warnings of an “eminent Al Qaeda (al CIA da) terrorist threat” are flashing across the television screen.  We know the Zionists do not do anything without a reason and we also know that that reason is always intentionally buried within the speculation put forth through the mainstream propaganda.

So is this simply a production designed by the communists to put forth the notion that no further investigation into the 2012 incident in Benghazi is necessary as the system has been tweaked and is now running very efficiently?  Or could this be a simple plug-in in prelude to planned actions in Syria?  
If the former is the case, one would have to ask why this specific threat is so unspecific, considering recent revelations as to the extent of the NSA worldwide surveillance grid.  Logically, the so called intelligence community should not only know exactly when and where, but whom, down to what they had for breakfast this morning.  I mean, once the suspicion is there, accessing the information should be a simple task in implementing the secret blanket FISA program warrants.
This being said, the latter would seem more likely in that the heightened security is in preparation for possible retaliation following new US actions to be perpetrated in Syria.
Or could there be yet another possibility?  The dark reality of the effects of Obamacare and the truth of our failing economy are about to come to light in September, when we find out how much has been spent since the debt clock was unplugged back in May.
Could this whole production be nothing more than a re-resurrection of the Al Qaeda boogie man in preparation for our population’s reexamination of our expenditures to the industrial war complex, in light of going hungry out in the cold while financing numerous foreign wars around the world?
I have heard the words “reemergence” and “growing in power” in reference to Al Qaeda and possible looming terrorist attacks (to be perpetrated by the bad Al Qaeda, not to be confused with the good Al Qaeda that we are financing and arming in Syria) many times this weekend, along with numerous references to the false flag 9/11.
Or maybe it will be a combination of the three contingencies, as our facilities in these foreign countries are being locked down in preparation for a false flag to be perpetrated by the bad Al Qaeda leading to further foreign intervention, which will lead to yet another trillion dollar boondoggle within the industrial war complex.
At any rate, there is definitely something afoot as more Americans by the multitudes are being forced to acknowledge the international socialist coup that has grasped power here in the US within our highest offices.  Has our enlightenment grown to the point that the international elite might perpetrate a third world war, complete with thermal nuclear detonations, in a last ditch attempt to avoid the justice closing in on them from every angle?
The hidden reality of the ongoing economic collapse has been made top secret since the May shutoff of the debt clock.  This reality is about to be front and center again in September.  I think we all should be very leery that this absolute fact is being intentionally minimized as the effects of the socialist agenda are about to become undeniable to every American not of the elite.
May God help us to stay vigilant and help us prepare for the inevitable.
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Do the FOUR recent ‘Al-Qaeda’ (al CIA da) prison breaks in the Middle East have anything at all to do with the closings of US Embassies across the Middle East and U.S. Nuclear terror drills now happening in America? Strangely, according to this story from Bloomberg, we’ve also learned that ‘Al-Qaeda’ has recently received a U.S. government contract! 

YouTube videographer Jason A has put together a video compilation of several different recent video clips that tell a story and to see if any dots can be connected???

(VIDEO) Alert: U.S. Embassies Close Across Middle East ....Worldwide Travel Alert Issued.


READERS…TAKE NOTE!! The following is just a quick list of military operations taking place within this window of time. With the Embassies closing and the terror threat heightening, is it important to understand what is happening around the world in real-time, and the potential for a false-flag to happen???
Please take a moment and read through these headlines and see where the current military exercises are taking place. Are we being fooled again? See HERE for Worldwide Military Exercises:
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