Friday, August 9, 2013

Rockefeller Family most evil Americans in History?

by bwinwright

In my opinion, the Rockefeller Family is the most evil family in American history, by far! Beginning with William Rockefeller, father of the John D. Rockefeller who founded Standard Oil, a snake oil salesman, notorious womanizer and accused multiple rapist, the Rockefeller family has been responsible for more serious crime than anyone in American history.

William’s grandson John D. Rockefeller Jr. was the key figure behind monopolizing the American Medical establishment about 75 years ago. Using his vast wealth and enormous political influence, he helped create the American Medical Association (AMA), bribed every medical school, gained control over medical licensing, and forced all medical doctors to practice allopathic medicine, the slash, poison, and burn form of medicine, the patentable and most profitable form of medicine. Of course, this form of medicine has never been very effective, only expensive.

The medical use of natural herbs and other non-patentable forms of medical treatments, which had been effective for thousands of years, were essentially banned by Rockefeller’s Medical Establishment. Cures for cancer were vigorously rooted out, suppressed, and banned as well.

The stories of Royal Raymond Rife and Harry Hoxsey, alone, are enough to justify my belief that the Rockefeller family is the most evil and destructive family in American history. But this is just the tip of a very large Rockefeller criminal iceberg.

If you visit the website Educate Yourself, you can read several lengthy articles about this horrible, treasonous, and murderous Rockefeller Family. By leading the movement to actively suppress cures for cancer and heart disease, alone, this horrible family has been instrumental in causing the social and economic destruction of millions of American families and the untimely deaths of millions of trusting and innocent Americans.

When you discover how the major pharmaceutical companies, along with the criminal FDA, and a corrupt justice department has literally poisoned the American people, you will be shocked and amazed. The truth about fluoride, aspartame, the cholesterol scam, the margarine scam, toxic vaccines, Chemtrails, and a host of other toxic substances intentionally forced upon us is as disturbing as it gets.

The Rockefeller led American Medical Establishment not only suppresses all medical cures but they actively work to intentionally make Americans sick with cancer, heart disease, and many other serious illnesses. Their goal is to make a fortune treating these many serious illnesses before killing off millions of us prematurely. If that’s not evil, what is?

The Rockefeller family also funded the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations with a large grant back in the 1940’s. Tavistock hired Dr. Sigmund Freud to start the ball rolling. Their ultimate objective was to figure out the most effective ways to manipulate and control the mass consciousness.

Since the 1940’s, Tavistock trained and programmed individuals have infiltrated and assumed the leadership roles in virtually every think tank, major university, organized religion, corporation, mainstream media, secret society, and governmental department and agency. The Rockefeller family, especially David, has been instrumental in the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group, all treasonous organizations responsible for fomenting illegal wars, controlling the global illegal drug business, orchestrating economic terrorism and chaos, committing genocide, and worse.

Of course, while the Rockefellers are, in my opinion, clearly the most destructive Americans, they have merely been agents of the House of Rothschild for the past 100 years. The House of Rothschild has been the keeper of the Vatican Treasury since 1823, and of course serves the wishes of the Jesuit Superior General who controls the Vatican Treasury.

Folks, whatever you may believe, I hope you understand that the people who have the most gold make the rules. If you want to connect the dots, you will not find the necessary information from the mainstream media. In order to come to grips with this incredibly profound truth, you must first be de-programmed.

Begin with Educate Yourself. Check out Eustace Mullins, Daniel Estulin, Dr. Michel Chossudovsky, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Dr. David Ray Griffin, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, Dr. Alan Sabrosky, Dr. Morgan Reynolds, Richard Gage, Eric Jon Phelps, Craig Oxley, Jeff Rense, Gerald Celente, Max Keiser, Bob Chapman and Gordon Duff. There are many more valuable sources of truth, none of whom you will find in the mainstream media.

After maybe 100 hours of reading and listening to these serious truth researchers and learning about what is really happening you may be sufficiently de-programmed to both understand and accept the real truth about the evil ruling elites running our planet.

Hopefully, when enough people know the truth, the power in this truth will establish the morality, justice, and freedom human beings should have.


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  1. ive heard some of these stories before. but that ama story is sickening, and is why our health system is still fd today... also the rocks were huge jew haters, with others at that time, and help the rise of hitler, along with the bush patriarch, prescott...