Wednesday, September 25, 2013

World War Z – Forget Zombies, this Smelled More Like a Vaccine Advertisement!


What looked set to be this summer’s hottest cinema flick, turned out to be a cold drama about the undead, but sneakily promoting a vaccineagenda at the end. Not only did it become more boring as it dragged on and lacked a solid plot, but by the end, this movie smelled more like an advertisement by the World Health Organization for vaccines, very similar to the film Contagion.
The twist in this movie was that Brad Pitt had to infect himself to become immune and ‘invisible’ to the zombies, a kind of infected immunity.’  The ending was just pure subtle brainwashing at it’s finest, hinting that if any outbreak ever occurred, the only solution would be via a vaccine. This takes ‘paid advertising’ to a new level!
Here’s the non-fiction truth about vaccines…

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