Monday, October 28, 2013

Did you see this? Opinion on the Gunboats in Eden Isles, LA (VIDEO)

As of 8:35 AM Monday, Central time, the video that you posted on your youtube channel about the gunboats in Eden Isle, La had over 106,000 views. I have been reading the comments on the youtube site and it is disturbing to say the least. While there are many Patriots posting there, many of the comments are saying things like “this is normal” and “they are just training”, etc. This is far from normal. I was active duty Army for 14 years and Louisiana National Guard for 5 years. We never and I do mean never carried or mounted weapons when out in public. We were even briefed of the laws and that we could not carry our military arms in public and in uniform.
This new way of doing things where the military is mounting and carrying weapons was normalized during Katrina. As we all know on From The Trenches, this is not legal or just in any way. However the public (sheeple) have grown accustomed to it and dont think it is a big deal. This tells me that when they do start patrolling for real with weapons locked and loaded, the sheeple will accept it 100%. The guy who shot that video lives in that neighborhood and has never seen that before. It obviously was disturbing or he would not have sent it out. Yet people are saying things like you should be glad they are there and HOOAH!.
Really? Wake up people. Even Bracken put a comment that is was a good thing and he is a Patriot. It isnt, under any circumstances a good thing. They can train on the lake, they can train anywhere else, but you do not train in residential neighborhoods. Especially with M2 Machine Guns mounted. One day these patrols will become the real deal and most Americans will say nothing until it is too late. Then they will wonder why they are being taken away or worse. Vigilance takes on a whole new meaning now. The video is kind of grainy, but if I counted correctly, there were 5 M2s on each boat, that makes 20 M2 Heavy Barrel Machine Guns, plus personal weapons. They could kill every person on that canal in a matter of minutes with that type of fire power and if it is normal to see them patrolling, that will get no resistance.

I have been wondering how it would even be possible for the DHS and other agencies to initiate hostilities and be able to handle 330,000,000 Americans all at once. Now I am starting to see it being possible. If four boats armed like that can just roll around without much notice, then they can do alot of destruction in a short time when called upon. It is going to be very important that we do not hesitate when the time comes. If they are able to gain control without much resistance, we will have one hell of a fight to get it back.

People need to be war gaming every possible scenario NOW. Think about the canal and what they could do if that was four boats full of bad guys. What if that was residential streets? What if it were trucks or worse, tanks? There is no doctrine for an insurgency. Do what works, no matter what that is. I know that I am preaching to the choir here, but if there was ever a time to get our heads in the game, it would be now. I dont know how many Patriots are on From The Trenches, but with our numbers beingspread out across our great land, we can accomplish anything. We and people like us will be the leaders of the resistance and return our Republic to its rightful existence.


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