Tuesday, October 22, 2013



Most people do not realize that the private Bankers of Rothschild and Rockefeller have our public Governments "over a Barrel!"

The private central Banks control US publi Government

Rothschild and His Forefathers have made Leaders/Kings Weak with their Evil Banking Practices, when they fall, the Merchants will Mourn. He is behind Christian and Muslim wars. He loans money to both sides of the conflict for maximum profit.

Like Iran, Contra Iraq. ,meet the World's Richest Zionist Man! He controls nations.

Without doubt the Most Powerful and Most Evil Man alive today. 6th Generation London Rothschild Banker. He starts wars and then finances each side of war. See the YouTube video, "Fiat Empire".. 53% of the Worlds Gold Banker for the Vatican. He holds deeds to 80% of the land of Israel from the time of the Arthur Balfour Declaration.

He blackmailed President Wilson with a Woman to get us into WW2. He and His Blood Kin Control the World Banks.

They got their money by deceit - Freemasonry Control!

Rockefeller provided Hitler with His Oil during WW2.

He provided the only fuel that would fly a plane at the time. They did business with the Germans, Russians & Japanese [Our purported "enemies"].

Zionists work Hand in Glove with the "Black Pope" (Head of Jesuits). Run out of 38 Countries - control Knights of Columbus, together killed 6 US Presidents. See the YouTube video "Fiat Empire", the book "Vatican Assassins" & "The Learned Elders of Zion". Trained Hitler, Lenin, Castro, Al Gore, Mao Tse Tung & many more tyrants.

He stayed in the US President's bed at the White House on his wedding night. His Mossad Bomb Specialist stayed Rent free for months on the 91st floor of WTC North Tower.

His Mossad Agents working in the CIA to bring in plane loads of drugs each day to America, see "Tatum Chronicles", Mena, Arkansas & Clinton Secrets!

Recent Body Parts - 13 Arrested in New Jersey, Zionist Rabbi buying for Money Kidneys from Living People to send to Israel and Europe.

A doctor From Peru asserted that children were adopted out to Europe when these were checked, however, no children's record could be found as to where they went. It is believed children were cut up and body parts were used by wealthy elite. Zionists believe and assert that "gentiles" are just one level above a dog. In Israel, Zionist Jews assert that the Palestinians "came down from the trees one generation back".

Rothschild financed Hitler. Rothschild now lives in New York so he can control the Votes of the 192 Nations at the United Nations. Mike Rupert traced $100.000.00 from CIA to Palestinian Intelligence sent to Mohammad ATTA Terrorist. Living in Hollywood, Fl prior to 9/11

Rothschild records all phone call made in the US. 25 Major Phone Companies in Israel = Amdox, wrote Programs for FBI, CIA, NSA. Comverse called C.A.L.E.A.

Obama has seven Zionist members in his Cabinet - Running Treasury, Federal Reserve etc. [Conflict of Interest/ Treason]

Behind adding hexaFluorosilic Acid to our Water, Cola etc, Falsely labelled Fluoride, Sodium Fluoride and Sodium, destroying every organ in the human body. Take Magnesium 250 to 750 mg before each meal and it will stop you from craving sweets and Cola - will stop your body from absorbing fluoride in the food. Purify your water. Take Kelp 150mg with a total cost 20 cents day. Instead of Kelp you can add I1/4 to 11/4 Teaspoon full of sea salt or better yet pint Himalaya salt to one gallon of purified water - this will also cure several diseases and get rid of depression.  Be of service to to others such as visiting nursing homes - HexaFluorsilic Acid is a NeuroToxin in the Brain, Alzheimers Disease and much more!

Rothschild banksters loaned US 3.8 Billion to build FEMA Prisons to lock US people up during an economic crisis. FEMA investigated 9/11

Rothschild & Rockefeller are head of the Federal Reserve, Bilderberg Group, CFR, NATO, Trilaterlal Commission & more.

Get the NeuroToxin out of Your Brains Americans or wake up in a FEMA prison. Millions have lived and died in America over the past 60 years and not had one second of reality. Movies made in Hollywood about Zombies is about making fun of Americans! Hitler used High Doses of Fluoride in the water at concentration camps to keep people in a Zombie state. Take Magnesium and Purify water and after two weeks you will quit craving sweets. Cola. etc.

FBI head J Edgar Hoover said this Conspiracy is so big that no one will believe it! They killed Kennedy because he signed Executive Order # 11110 for the Treasury to print our interest free money. The Private Federal Reserve is owned by criminals - all US citizens pay them interest for a banking system that makes money out of thin air. Unless we reform the banking system, paying off the debt will do of no use.


  1. I like your site, I do. But THIS does NOT help YOUR cause. Be it international caps lock day or not. It really takes away from anything you write.

    Just a hopefully helpful critique.

    1. Sorry for the Caps. When one re-reads it, the emotion can be felt. We're in the process of switching over to wordpress and it's a huge task so no time to fix it. Bear with us during the transition. Thanks.

  2. Lol, I feel like this is just an attempt to hit every possible keyword the NSA is gonna pick up on. I have never seen so much crazy condensed into one post.

    1. Can you imagine the poor souls who comply with that massive spy tool called The Affordable Care Act? 1984 is here!!!

  3. As Always A Sheep No More! You do Excellent posts of Truth! Did you know about the Air Force Pilot that refused a direct order from Dick Cheney to Stand down and not shoot the Plane that was headed for Building 7? The Air Force Pilot refused to Stand down and shot the plane down regardless! It was Flight 93 I think? That is why the Script was read by the BBC 21 minutes too early, because the pilot had stopped the plane hitting the building, there was a delay in setting off the explosives that were wired throughout the building! The Zionist Cabal couldn't allow the Fire Brigade and the Police to discover the explosives in building 7, so they detonated them anyway, 21 minutes later than they should of.

    1. Thanks for that information. Although I don't know if we can ever completely confirm it, we do know that the Zionist Labor Political Party was behind 9/11 and Mossad (from what I've researched, CIA, MI5/6, etc. are extensions of Mossad) and some officials in the US government had knowledge and input. I'm beginning to question what's going on with Obama, a puppet we know, however, the MSM News has been revealing truths lately; all truths anti-Obama so wondering if TPTB are in a power struggle with him and his communist CIA buddies? In opinion, an assassination of POTUS would garner sympathy from the masses to execute all things NWO, like Obamacare, TPP deal (NAFTA on steroids), gun control, etc. In addition, another false flag attack on the US, via the Obama gangsta gang, would benefit the regime. Things that make you go ...hmmm. We also have more to be concerned about with Fukushima than we can even imagine. In opinion, it's a global depopulation plan. Thanks for commenting.