Sunday, October 20, 2013

Don’t be afraid to see what you see. This may determine whether or not you survive.

by: The Survival Mom

"Don’t be afraid to see what you see."  ~ Ronald Reagan

I don’t remember when I first came across this quote, but it’s been on my mind a lot the last week or two. Here’s what I’m seeing:

1.  Indian military increasing their numbers and strength along their border with China.
2.  China and Japan talking like two countries almost ready to go to war.
3.  An American ambassador murdered in Libya.
4.  Masses of angry demonstrators at U.S. embassies around the Muslim world, stirred up by purposeful leaks of an obscure video.
5.  A second downgrade of American debt this year.
6.  Ships from multiple countries massing in the Persian Gulf.
7.  Increased talk of Israel attacking Iran.
8.  120 “non-aligned” nations gather in Iran for a week of discussions. America was not invited.
9.  Ben Bernanke announces that the Fed will continue pumping money into the economy indefinitely.
10. Congressional testimony on September 13, stated that an EMP could be deadly to 70-90% of the American population

Meanwhile, in my neck of the woods, there are few signs of new business popping up, unless you count all the new Goodwill stores. A house across the street has had a, “For Sale,” sign out front for more than 2 months now, and it seems the only people being hired are these:

These sign holders are all over the city of Phoenix. At least they have a job.

So, if I’m not afraid to see what I see, what does all of it mean?

Without having a crystal ball or any ability to predict the future, I’d say the world is heading for a climactic moment. It may very well be the beginning of another world war, unless, somehow, leaders with cooler heads prevail.

Some have already given up. They’re ready to walk into the tsunami, accepting death like a good little victim. On recent commenter said, “When I see that mushroom cloud, I’m heading right for it.” I suppose for someone with no loved ones, no family connections, that might be an acceptable solution, but for those of us with children, giving up simply isn’t an option as I explain in this video, “It’s a Matter of Trust.”
The question for millions of moms and dads is this: What can I do now to insulate the ones I love from a future catastrophe? Here are a few simple things you can do today.
  1. Pay close attention to current events at every level, international, national, state, and local. Yes, the stress of everyday life can take most of our energy and attention, but if you want to protect your brood, awareness is the first step.
  2. Set aside political arguments. Did it really matter who was actually at the helm of the Titanic when it went down? Would anyone have survived that disaster if passengers and crew alike stood around pointing fingers of blame? You can blame or you can take action. Which is going to benefit you and yourfamily most?
  3. Decide that you will survive and that you will take immediate action to prepare. Once that decision is made, it’s a little like lighting a candle. A path begins to appear and you know what has to be done.
  4. Assess your financial situation. It’s far better to face a crisis with a little extra money on hand (not in the bank!). What do you have that you can sell? How confident are you in the future of your investment and retirement accounts? More and more Americans are cashing out those accounts, accepting the tax hits and penalties in favor of having money they can put to use now in case of hyperinflation, bank closures, or a government desperate enough to confiscatehard-earned money. Don’t say it can’t happen here!
  5. Begin to keep 3 lists: To Do, To Learn, and To Buy. As you start preparing and researching, you’ll be flooded with ideas and probably overwhelmed by what must be done. These 3 lists will keep you focused. When you’re focused, it’s harder to panic because there’s something else that has to be done. I’ve found that idle time increases my worry but when I get busy and do something, I’m focused on more productive thoughts.
  6. Plan for the most likely crises first. A collapse of the dollar or a world war aren’t unthinkable, but with winter around the corner, a freak winter storm or late-season hurricane may pose a more immediate danger to your family. The beauty of preparing is that when you prepare for one event, you’re better prepared for others.
Finally, imagine for a moment that today’s date is September 21, 1928. A crystal ball has given you a vision of the future and you know for certain that the Great Depression lies ahead. How will you live from this moment forward? How will you spend your money? Will that knowledge make a difference in how you raise your children and how you spend your time? In a sense, that’s the moment you are living in right now. It’s hard to imagine that all the unfolding events around us will soon melt away and it will be Happy Days Are Here Again. Use this bit of time to make smart decisions.

There’s peace and power in being ready for anything, and those that we love are counting on us.

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