Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Children of the 99% Will Suffer Tremendously as the End Game Plays Out – Dismal Futures While the Elites Thrive

The Streets will become increasingly violent as civil unrest begins to tear apart America, there is no doubt about that. Even more disturbingly, the psychopaths hold certain technologies that will rain down mayhem on us as this scenario plays out. Killer drones, robots, wartime machinery will rule mainly in the areas that the 99% frequent, or worse, live. Our children are going to suffer the most as you can only imagine. The elitists kids on the other hand, well let’s just say they probably will be cushioned and protected from all of this. This has always been, and always be, the law of the land. Money always seems to protect the privileged from such horrors, or will it?  
Even the psychopaths in Washington are becoming more uncomfortable with the US economic situation as each day passes. They know as well as any informed American that has any inclination of what the hell is going on, that at some point, the stimulus cannot go on forever. We can’t just keep printing a trillion dollars a year in fiat money, that simple. As soon as it stops, the chaos will start on the streets. Then the violence will start. The charade will be over; no more pretending everything is OK.
What we must understand is that the rich, for the most part, aren’t really going to feel a damn thing. They will be protected simply by the enormous amounts of money they have accumulated in their coffers, able to absorb just about anything thrown at them. More importantly, they will be protected by the powers that be, while the rest will go unprotected. This has always been the norm throughout our history. The little people get the shaft, while the rich will be protected. Their properties will be protected, their hospitals will be protected, and their children will be protected. This is the hard truth whether we like it or not. You will not see any military war drones firing down mayhem on the elites, period.
Food will be cut off, over priced and hard to get to. You can bet on that, but with lots ofmoney anything is possible. The rich will simply have it flown in from other countries, you can count on that. I wouldn’t be surprised if the psychopaths in Washington fly it in for them,
When this economic monster plays out, just be aware that the corrupt money kingpins and inside information scumbags are going to be sitting pretty, while you and I are going to be in deep doo doo. So play it smart and prepare your kids. Let them know that some of their richie rich friends are going to have it soft, while the rest of us starve. As the hunger sets in, things are going to get mighty ugly…….
My advice to the rich, think mighty hard and long about how you handle yourselves throughout this nightmare. Take some of your billions and help your fellow brothers and sisters. I don’t think I have to draw you any pictures if you chose to take another path. When the shite finally hits the fan, you are going to become the enemy. This will be the scenario you have brought upon yourselves.
May the good lord protect the 99% percent, while showing no mercy on the corrupt few.

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