Friday, October 25, 2013

DHS spends $80 Million on Private Military for November 1st Food Stamp Riots

For years we have been talking about the Department of Homeland Security’s attempts to militarize local police forces; this week, Fox News is reporting that DHS is spending $80 million dollars on a private security forces to protect themselves from the American people.

On November 1st, the Food Stamp program will face across the boards cuts, reducing the amount of money people on food stamps will receive. In preparation for the cuts, the Department of Homeland Security is quietly making preparations for mass riots and chaos throughout the United States.

Based on the chaos that happened a couple of weeks back when the debit system that allows people on food stamps to buy food temporarily crashed, it seems the government is growing concerned over what will happen when benefits are cut nationwide.
While the cuts aren’t huge – most families will only see a reduction of $36 dollar per month – the threats of violence and rioting have already begun. Last month during the temporary 5 hour EBT outage, people took to the internet threatening to riot, after they assumed their food stamps were permanently cut off because of the government shutdown.
While I doubt many people will riot over a $36 cut in benefits, the fact that DHS is spending another $80 million dollars on a private security force is pretty troubling.

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