Sunday, August 11, 2013

Austin Terror Threat Confirmed, Why Weren’t We Warned?

by Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton

(VIDEO) UPDATE: Austin Terror Threat Confirmed, Why Wasn't the Public Warned?

In a follow up to our previous report on the law enforcement terror advisory for Austin, Texas, we have confirmed both that the terrorism threat is real and that there is a simultaneous multi-agency terror drill going down in Austin right now.
We want to know why the press release on the Homeland Security drill wasn’t sent to the media until August 7th — the day before the actual terror threat — and why press coverage about the threat advisory – appearing on local news channel KXAN – only emerged on the night of the 8th, while the reported Austin threat was already underway. Furthermore, we’re now being told theTexas Military Forces protection alert sent to police and law enforcement a few weeks ago – and since leaked to the public – was “sent out by mistake“.

How is this in the interest of public safety to withhold confirmed terror threatinformation from the public while simultaneously telling people there’s a Homeland Security drill at the same time and to quote “not be alarmed if they observe unordinary law enforcement or first responder activity over the next few weeks in the Austin area”?


  1. My town ... Wednesday ...

  2. I'm curious as to why you, who made the calls to determine what was going on, didn't ask the first person you reached, who said he wasn't Steve Johnston, who he was, and for what agency did he work. That seemed a rather obvious query, when he answered the number listed as the point of contact for that terror alert.