Wednesday, November 13, 2013

England, How is that gun ban thing working? Not you say

The violent crime rate, per 100,000 people, in England is 2,034, while the violent crime rate here in America is 466.

England has banned handguns, banned rifles, restricted the hell out of shotguns, and is starting to ban knives, and yet their violent crime rate is over four times America's. Is there a better indication that banning inanimate objects does not stop criminals?

Potentially worse than the bans, though, is the societal attitude that has accompanied them. England has gradually demonized firearms, firearm ownership, firearm sports, self-defense, and self-reliance over the years, to the point where defending yourself from criminal assaults is almost likely to wind you up in prison. And just as the subjects of England have been trained not to fight back, the criminals know their victims will not resist, which makes them them that much more daring, and their lives that much easier. Hell, even England's own Olympic shooting team has to practice out of the country, on their own dime, because they would be committing a crime if they dared hone their skills inside England.

Unfortunately, the totemists, gun-grabbers, and other hoplophobes in England will only use this unfortunate situation as backing for their endless "do it again, only HARDER" mentaliy, as if continued bans and regulations will stop people who do not care about bans or regulations. Thankfully, we Americans have the opportunity to learn from our once rulers, and not succumb to the idiocy of pointless and ineffective bans that, in reality, only serve to aid and abet criminals in their illegal activities. We, as a country, have no reason to follow in the failed footsteps of once-Great Britain, and I will do my damnest to ensure we never do.


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