Sunday, July 21, 2013

New RFID ‘Smart Guns’ May Be Used By Govt to Bypass Second Amendment

The rise of ‘smart gun’ technology, which utilizes an RFID interface to allow for both the government and the manufacturer to remotely render the gun useless at any time, is the upcoming new tactic used by anti-Constitution control freaks in the effort to take away legal firearms from the hands of law-abiding citizens.

By Anthony Gucciardi

And these smart guns are coming much sooner than you think.
TriggerSmart, the manufacturer of the Orwellian weapons that already exist in various European regions thanks to branding that smart guns are the ‘safer’ alternative to real weapons,hopes to start selling smart guns within the United States as soon as possible — and you could see them make a grand entrance by 2014. But why would anyone with a brain ever buy these smart guns, which literally trace every action you take and send the data to the government for analysis?
Well, I believe that these smart guns will not simply be pushed by slick marketing via TriggerSmart and other invested corporations, but legislation that attempts to force these smart guns on the American public. As I originally covered back in March, smart guns are one of the biggest threats we face to the Second Amendment in history.

Smart Guns: The 2nd Amendment ‘Loophole’

As the creators of the Big Brother weapons have already detailed in interviews, the true power behind these RFID-controlled smart guns is the concept that they are a loophole that allows for the government to disarm the people while still ‘upholding’ the Second Amendment. Essentially, it is the wet dream of anti-Constitutional mad men.
The government has tried taking away real guns from the general public, ultimately losing the war due to the fact that the public is too informed on the true statistics regarding gun control and gun defense. They cannot launch a hostile takeover of all guns within the country right now, and traitors to the nation like Dianne Feinstein are fully aware of this fact. As much as Feinstein and others would love to have ‘Mr. and Mrs. America’ turn in all of their guns, this simply will not happen in such a manner — at least not without mass warfare and bloodshed.
So what’s the next best thing? Smart guns that become paper weights at the discretion of the government.
In the event of a ‘terrorist attack’ of any kind, the government could shut down all smart guns in the area. In the event of an elevated terror alert level, there goes the guns. How about a mass shooting in your city? Better turn off the guns. Imagine if smart guns were prevalent during the Boston lockdown that followed the Boston marathon bombings, in which military-style police raided homes at gunpoint. Those smart guns would be turned off without any question.
And this is not even getting into the entire concept of how the smart guns could easily be hacked into at any point by virtually anyone.
The subject of smart guns I’m discussing right now is a glimpse into the future. In due time, the mainstream media news channels will begin discussing how great smart guns are and how they could prevent violence, as NPR has already done on a smaller scale.
It’s essential that you share this article as well as the video on the subject so that we can detail the timeline before it even happens. If we can document the truth here, and really inform people about the true reality of smart guns, we can ultimately beat the mainstream media before they even get started.
(VIDEO) The Rise of RFID 'Smart Guns':

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  1. I'll keep the gun I have that fires when I pull the trigger. I don't authorize or need the government to tell me when I can or can not shoot. I am a sovereign individual and can determine my own self whether a trigger needs to be pulled or not. I choose whether the gun fires or not. If it does not fire when I want it to, it is useless to me. If I fire it at the wrong time, there could be consequences, true, but as an adult I will stand to those consequences. I will not have a gun that I do not control.