Tuesday, July 23, 2013

USA: Save The Bees ...Please Sign The Petition! .

Quietly, across the USA, millions of bees are dying, threatening our crops and food. A new bill this week could ban one group of deadly pesticides and save bees from annihilation, but only if Congress feels the sting of public opinion. 

America’s bees are facing a chemical Armageddon -- just last week, 50,000 died in a single car park in Oregon after being exposed to pesticides, and last winter over 50% of all California’s bees died. Leading scientists blame one group of pesticides called neonicotinoids. The evidence is so compelling that the entire European Union has begun banning them, and the Save America's Pollinators Act could impose a ban on these deadly poisons in the US.

Now it's up to us to get our politicians to save America's bees. Big Agriculture and powerful chemical companies like Bayer are already lobbying hard to stop the bill, but if we show an overwhelming public support for a ban, we can counter their influence. Sign the petition on the right and tell everyone -- when we reach 250,000 signers, we'll take Avaaz's giant inflatable bee to Capitol Hill to tell Congress to save our bees.

To all members of the US Congress:

"We call on you to immediately support the Save America's Pollinators Act. Bees are dying off in the millions, and we rely on them for 1/3rd of all our food. If you act urgently with precaution now to protect them from bee-toxic neonicotinoid pesticides, we could save bees from extinction."
SIGN THE PETITION HERE: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/usa_save_the_bees/?dimLhfb


  1. What insanity would defend the use of these chemicals at the expense of the life of the earth?

  2. How stupid do we have to be as a race to kill off our bees?? Much less what we are doing to the rest of the planet..... stop the insanity!