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Ministry of "Justice" - American Bar Association

The American Bar Association was founded by the Rothschild banking family in 1870, in Indiana. All members of the Judiciary and 71% of all legislatures, federal, state and local, are Bar Association members.

This places at least two branches of our government under their control. This is a conflict of interest. Lawyers have a stake in writing bad laws, because good laws don’t make them much money, for the simple reason that good laws tend to be obeyed. Bad laws are not.

Where lawyers go, crime follows
The very first law passed by the Indiana legislature, after its takeover by the Bar Association, was to prohibit private citizens (laymen) from practicing law. This was an unconstitutional ruling designed to create a monopoly over the interpretation of law and the manner of its practice.

Even before the founding of the American Bar Association, lawyers were granted a title of nobility, "Esquire", by the Rothschild family. This was so scandalous in the early 1800’s that an amendment was ratified to make it a felony for anyone in government to hold a title of nobility. Efforts were promptly made, however, to bury the new amendment and destroy all traces of it from the law books and history books.

Evidence has since surfaced on this, but lawyers continue to deny its existence. Proof that this amendment had, in fact been ratified, have surfaced in a sufficient number of states, but lawyers continue to deny it, for the reason that it threatens to expose every single lawyer in the United States, as a traitor to the United States.

Every lawyer bears a title of nobility. Every lawyer is party to imposing a foreign jurisdiction in almost every courtroom in the country, making the United States Constitution unavailable, and our Constitutional Rights inaccessible to Americans.

This is treason against the people and Constitution of the United States.

There is no longer any room for doubt:

All Lawyers are beholden to, and are licensed to operate under, the same jurisdiction complained about in the Declaration of Independence, that King George was imposing a "jurisdiction foreign to our soil".

All Lawyers are in the business of taking away Constitutional Rights from sovereign citizens and giving their power to a foreign banking family.

Now, before you think to go out and shoot lawyers, realize that the vast majority of them wear heavy blinders. They have been brainwashed in law school to think they are performing a public service.

They no more think themselves traitors than do Fundamentalists think themselves un-Christian when they justify violations of Christ’s commandments on quotes from the Old Testament or Paul’s Epistles. Both groups are unconscious of their crimes. Persecuting either misses the point and would only create worse crimes.

What is needed is to expose these blinders and the hidden agendas of those who seek to impose them.

Violence only begets violence

Ends cannot justify Means, because Ends always reflect their Means

Terms and examples:
Interpretation of law means many real laws, like 18 USC 241-242, which are supposed to protect us from violations of our Constitutional Rights, are made unenforceable. You can’t find lawyers who will prosecute such cases, even though they pay well, IF you can fight it to a high enough court where the Constitution actually means something.

At the local and state level, civil rights cases are usually thrown out as "frivolous". Usually, that’s because the state’s case is frivolous, but they can’t afford to let anyone know that. At the Supreme Court level, you are lucky if it gets heard. The Supreme Court can chose not to look at it.

Consequently, even in areas where the state or local governments have already been shown to be in violation, as with professional licensing, and with licensing and registration for passenger cars and drivers, no charges get enforced and the responsible agencies continue violating the law with impunity.

The manner of practice, means that we no longer have access to true Common-law trials. The Bill-of-Rights was not new; it largely codified rights traditionally covered under Common Law. Common Law also included an approach to court procedure which put the jury, and not the judge, in charge.

The jury could ask the questions.

The jury could decide what evidence was admissible. The jury was supposed to judge BOTH the law and the defendant. The judge was merely a referee and legal consultant. This had the advantage that the first priority in the proceedings was to find the truth. No longer. The Bar Association has corrupted it, substituting more and more elements of Law in Equity, Merchantile Law, Admiralty, Maritime Law, Law Merchant, Military Law, but usually known as Civil Law.

This system places the judge in the position of being a dictator in the court. The judge is still technically bound by the decision of the jury, if you can get one, but they can now dictate what evidence may or may not be admissible, and may even lie to jurors about their responsibilities.

The result is an adversarial system, a gladiatorial contest in which champions of the two sides fight with words, writs, and procedures. The defendants are completely at the mercy of lawyers whose competence they are allowed little or no foreknowledge of. In most types of cases, like traffic courts, the jurisdiction and manner of practice are wholly Civil/Equity/Maritime. As such, you do not have any rights; you have no power over your circumstances; you are reduced to a mere pawn in the hand of petty tyrants.

Driver’s licensing and Auto registration
Marriage Licensing and Children’s Services
Gun Licensing and Registration

Then there is the non-laws. Many which admit not having been passed, like Aliens and Nationality (title , Internal Revenue Code (title 26), Food and Drugs (title 21), and more, are enforced at the point of a gun. Less than half of the titles of United States Code have been passed into positive law.

Many are enforced anyway. Others, which have been enacted (like parts of title 18, Crimes and Criminal Procedure), are only enforced when it is convenient, if at all.

In addition to the laws never passed into positive law, there are also innumerable agencies writing codes and regulations for every imaginable aspect of our lives.

Few, if any, of these agencies submit their regulations to proper legislative procedure (Voting-in and enactment by voters or the proper elected officials). Instead, they are simply written by committees of appointed bureaucrats, who then proceed to enforce them, like petty dictators, often with criminal penalties.

Since these are not usually subject to enactment by proper legislative procedure, they are, by the Bar Association’s own definitions, non-laws and enforcement of them is a crime. Lawyers, however, having conspired to create these non-laws and the incomes they generate, likewise also conspire to prevent enforcement against them.

In every instance, when the enforcement of non-law involves the collection of money, involuntarily, such enforcement fits precisely the definition of extortion, as given by federal law.

The Bar Association is also charged with generating laws and codes which serve Rothschild interests, which include a number of large corporations and whole industries, in which the Rothschilds and their associate bankers have invested. These include drug companies, oil companies, insurance companies, auto and munitions manufacturers, and the mass media.

Professional Licensing
Many of the laws they create set up licensing systems, ostensibly to protect the public, but in practice only protect the licensed professionals, reducing their liability, making them less accountable in case of misconduct.

Such accountability is usually better served by Common Law torts, than by a system that places it primarily in the hands of peers who stand to lose if misdeeds are publicized. Licensing can also make it harder to get into a field you feel qualified for, in violation of the Constitutional protection of Right to Work (1).

It also places whole professions under foreign jurisdiction, allowing lawyers to impose regulations prohibited under the Constitution, reducing our Rights to privileges. Privileges are easily revocable.

Architectural licensing
Builder’s licensing
Physician’s licensing
Psychologist and Psychiatrist licensing

Regulatory Agencies
Still other laws, and non-laws, create regulatory agencies, ostensibly to protect the public, but in practice only protect the industries they are supposed to regulate.

These agencies tend to get staffed by lawyers who know little about the industry they are charged with regulating, so they go to the very industry which they have been charged with. The industrialists tell the regulators what they want to hear, and hold out prospects of juicy retirement positions for regulators who serve their profits.

If a regulatory director does not cow-tow to the suggestions of industry, then the industry can lobby to Congress to have him replaced. Hence, congressmen, to maximize campaign contributions, place directors who cheerfully sell out every principle the agency was ostensibly built on.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
City Planning
Government Employment Practices
Com’on, how many do you need? If you are in denial, no number of examples will be enough.

Lawyers have subsequently taken every measure to obfuscate the law, creating a whole new language, which although it sounds, superficially, like english, the definitions of words may differ tremendously. They have created non-laws outside the scope of the Constitution, and often enforced with more vigor and stiffer penalties than legitimate law.

They have even conspired to change laws by changing existing legal definitions, without legislation. For this reason, old editions of Black’s Law Dictionary from prior to 1930, have become extremely valuable. Words like "income", which previously excluded wages ("compensation") now include wages, thereby expanding the scope of tax codes without benefit of legislation.

We are left with a real dilemma. Because the Bar Association has established a total monopoly over the interpretation and manner of practice of law, they can, as an organization, commit any crimes, perpetuate any scams, upon the american public with total impunity.

They need only put a plausible face on it. If anyone sees through it, they are impotent to act, as all avenues of redress and correction are sealed or removed. Is this not high treason against the people and Constitution of the United States? Can It possibly be anything but?

(1) ref: Murdock vs. Pennsylvania, 1943

http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_rothschild01.htm#Ministry of Justice- American Bar Association

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