Friday, September 13, 2013

To Americans from my Syrian friend/brother/son ....his words

I'm just an average American who befriended a Syrian. We've been corresponding for a long time. He has been so key to my understanding of his beautiful country and the horrific happenings in the Middle East. He and his people so brave and strong. Up until now, he's never disclosed how he's handling all this. I was getting so down. so I tried to be more positive in our correspondence. All I can do is tell the truth and hope that this message (that he has no idea I am putting out there), will inspire more of us Americans to stop all these murders in these strategic wars. Please read and help .............

From Me: Done ...Posted NEW photo ...Blaire Cooper is just a nobody like me. An American with no power standing up to US government. That's good because people here are WAKING UP! And we on liberty movement (Ron Paul NOT Rand Paul) are also trying to find NON NWO politicians who will NOT go along with them like John McCain and Obama. We The People are FIGHTING back.

From Me: I have to keep checking your page to make sure you are safe. I don't want to bug you because I know you are busy!

From My Syrian friend: come on, i am not busy , nothing to do , told you , but i have very bad internet connection now , maybe i have to replace my router
Julie , my brother is an soldier as you knew , everyday i watch vidoes and crimes of beheading
n everything video i feel that man who lost his head is my brother , i feel so crazy because of that , and here is an example :
trust me, no body in the world can handle this feelings , i don't know why i see their faces are closer to my brother face , i careful to check where is the location of this video , if i find it our of damascus , i relax, because my brother in Damascus .
to feel ok by watching others dying . not you . not your relatives . to stay safe in your home , and give a fucking comments over internet about what's going on over the world , we are trading others blood by Obama support .
Julie , US should stop arm those rebels , please call your representative , give him videos and photos, show him those are Al-QAeda , they have American weapons , modern weapons , CIA satellite is monitoring for them , they call them " we re Qaeda " they sing for QAEDA , why the Fuck we should trust Obama because he called them freedom Fighters ???????????????????????????????????????????
Please let's start doing this , by telling ur people and everyone to call his representative and to ask Obama to STOP arming Qaeda here , and to STOP moving them to Syria . we accept US attack , because no body will see how we will die , but let's think about the beheaded ones , when their families watch them without head ,
Julie, trust me , we prefer US strike more than to see Al-Qaeda here .. that's what every syrian feel right now.

From me: To my fellow Americans, please help with this burden of guilt I feel or I'll be forced to shut down and be even MORE of the problem. There are many of us trying to stop this rogue and illegal 20 mile radius of Washington DC called the US government and it's illegal and murderous actions in our name. But, we need more. Syrians are dying by my country's tax dollar. We have done this to all those countries if by pure ignorance for that was me. PLEASE ...I implore you, Help me to help them.
Contact list here:

This is "smack it in your face" truth that I was unaware of until my wake up call. This lobbying group is a part of pushing illegal wars and murders. It's hard to accept when we've been so brainwashed in America. If you don't believe it, then please take the TIME to do your own research. Maybe exposing these thugs might be of service too:
I helped my Syrian friend set up a facebook page. So proud of him as English is his second language. Here it is:

We Americans are funding these wars with the use of the petro-dollar and we can only stop these murders by NOT funding it. If we are not off the grid (that would include me, too), until we can commence this lifestyle, it is important that we question EVERY purchase we make with that petro-dollar.

Lastly ..please don't give up trying. I understand. They want us to give up. We can become more spiritual and act at the same time. I will make that commitment, too. thank you.

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