Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Money Masters (1996) [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

The Federal Reserve is a privately-owned, for-profit corporation that is owned by private banks and is neither federal or has reserves. It was chartered under a guise of deceit in 1913. The FED it NOT a part of the US government and the name is a deception to make Americans think it operates in American public interests.

All our money is based upon government debt, and the solution lies in reforming our banking system. That is why talk about paying off the national debt without reforming our banking system is an impossibility.

The Federal Reserve is an evil institution that has impoverished the people of the U.S. and practically bankrupted our federal government. Most Americans have no understanding of the international money lenders.

The Federal Reserve operates outside the control of the U.S. Congress and manipulates the credit. The Federal Reserve has total control; it's the largest single creditor of the United States.

The Borrower is always servant to the Lender!

“I think the Federal Reserve has strong institutional credibility, and it is a strong institution, highly competent institution, and it’s independent, it’s nonpartisan, and I am not particularly concerned about the political environment for the Federal Reserve. I think the Fed will be—continue to be an important institution in the United States and that it will maintain its independence going forward.”   - FED Chairman Ben Bernanke

Want to make a difference? Take the TIME to WATCH the video below and pass it on. Our children's future is on the line and their total enslavement unless we understand the money system (in whatever form of exchange it is created). Our schools certainly aren't teaching it so it is up to us to do that work. Thank you for watching !!!

The Money Masters is a 1996 three and a half hour non-fiction, historical documentary film that discusses the concepts of money, debt, taxes, and describes their development from biblical times onward. It also covers the history of fractional-reserve banking, central banking, monetary policy, the bond market, and the Federal Reserve System in the United States.

(VIDEO) The Money Masters (1996) [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

"The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from it's profits or so dependent on it's favors, that there will be no opposition from that class." — Rothschild Brothers of London, 1863

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