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A message from my Syrian friend/brother/son to me, an American. His words .....

Sorry for the delay, but i really have no good internet, and i get disconnecting every 10 minutes, so i try to spend my time to post something in the page . and because of that, i will explain how they created the political islamic but by sending a message by message
better than before, i wrote full reply to you, then i lost my connection , lol , sorry
so, please if you don't understand some point , ask me to explain it again and again ..
well, let's start
since the life created, the greater syria ( Syria-lebanon-jordan-palestine now ) was a one country, called the Levant .
many nations and devils tried to destroy our land, to Occupies it
|why they want to occupy lavent ?
because it's the more lighting land on the earth , all the prophet blessed it , david,jesus and Mouhamad, and all the other prophets, blessed it forever . because we have full 4 seasons , 3 months for fall,3 months for spring, 3 for summer and 4 months for winter , and you live the season the as it is , so we born smart, domesticated and powerful .

thousands years ago , we have many religions in syria , like who was pray for fire, for the thunder, for the sun ..ETC
and we were 1 nation even when we had many gods , and since that time, no one can end us , as a Syrian race .
in my City "Idleb" north syria , we have until now 2 temples for the god of rain and god of thunder , still existed until this moment .
if we are or if we were a sectarian people , those temples should be destroyed since thousands years , if we were sectarians , we wouldn't keep the oldest churches or the Jews churches . but we are not a sectarian , and not a racists too . we heard about them on TV , but we never thought we could be .
so , 1900 , there is new thing happened , this thing called " the imperialistic thought " made by france,britain, germany and Italy .
that time , all of religions were alive here , more than 40 lived together in peace .
and we have a political parties
in syria as an eastern country , as everyone have a religion , you can find all of them joining 1 political party
france occupied us for many years
and we fought them by our parties
in the front or war, france found all religions in 1 hand against them , they tried to pay for christians , because france is a christian country . but christians of syria love syria as they love jesus too , so they don't sold us
even Syrian Jews, they don't sold syria for their religion , because we in syria have something says " believe in nation " and we believe in it
our syrian morals didn't allowed to us to sell our brothers in the name of religion , it's very old faith , not a new , not created by us , it's created by our grandfathers since thousands years ago .
so, the imperialistic countries can't occupy our land if we are strong and 1 hand
they have to make a division throw the 1 nation ,
they know we love god and we love our religion , so they played in this side
by creating a religious parties , because you and me and everyone on the earth , he live his life believing in his country and his god too
so, they agreed they cant make a political division throw Syrians , then they created the religious parties to make a religious division throw the 1 nation ..
how they find this idea ?
someone called " Mohamad abdul wahab " he was a muslim , he had his own thoughts in Islam, but his thought are non-muslims , animality thoughts, a militant thoughts , he thought he could make a good business here in syria
but we kicked him out , he left to Algeria , they kicked him out too ,
the leader of Nijad " SAUDI NOW " welcomed him
Mohamad abdul wahab entered nijad by the British
british asked the leader of Nijad to keep him there , to let him share his thoughts with the people there
and gave him an idea it is " give Muhamad abdul wahab a green light to control the Muslims " and we british will leave you alone , and you can name "Nijad " to your name
the leader of Nijad ( Muhammad bin Saud ) changed the name of Nijad to " SAUDI " read it here
and here is the story of the real devil " Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab " which take a control of Islam under british monitoring .
so, since that time, the imperialistic countries likes this idea, and they start to play with our faiths , and yours too
that's why there is Vatican , to control the christians , and they thought we muslims we would follow Saudi because the prophet muhamad was from there .
and that's why they created Israel , to take a control on Jews too ..
and you can find this division when you read the bible of russians , or some bible, sorry i don't know those things very well , so i just said so as example .
and you can find the real bible here , with the people which their grandfathers wrote it when they listened to Jesus .
so this is how they created the religious parties , and they improved it by the events , like in syria now , we don't have religious parties, so they asked Qaeda and Taliban and Wahhabis to come to us
to build their fucking thought here , and to let us hate each others for sectarian causes .
and as you see, we are all dying because of them , or , follow them, then they will leave you alone .
those are animals , no study, no kids, no women, no life
they take everything for free, everything is allowed for them in the name of God
they rape in the name of god
they kill ,steal money and gold in the name of god
no one can stop them , and they believe, if they die, they will go to heaven , they think all of that, really
sorry if you don't understand something, but as i told you, you can ask me again to explain it . and you can read more by using the above links and sources .
may god bless you , best regards for you and everyone there

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