Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Reason Why Most Americans Won't Accept That Their Own Government Has Turned On All Of Us!

by: Craig Butler

The reason why it’s so hard for people to accept that our own governments have turned on us, is because we haven’t done anything. But, if you think about it, that is the exact reason they have turned on us. When you give someone absolute power, they abuse that power, taking more and more and more. It has gotten to to the point where the globalists have convinced our politicians that killing us in large numbers is not only acceptable, but desirable. There is no other way to look at it.
With GMOs poisoning our food, the fluoride that poisons our water, the chemtrails poisoning our air and the vaccinations poisoning our bodies, they are pushing more and more poison on us than ever before, and they don’t stop even after we catch them red handed. The mass of the population calls all these things stupid conspiracies because the media pokes fun at all this. They have no clue that the Rothschilds, one of the, if not the, most evil families on the planet, control everything they watch on TV, read in newspapers, the entire music industry and see at the theaters.
With New World Order/Illuminati controlling our politicians, it is likely to get worse. With the threat of WW 3, and the threat of Obama declaring martial law in the U.S., the New World Order is in full speed right now. Don’t make the mistake that DHS won’t round up people, haul them to FEMA camps and kill them. I don’t know where those guys came from, but when I see videos, they look like they HATE people and would love to use their damn 1.6 Billion hollow points. They are amassing military vehicles like there is no tomorrow as well, so they are definitely up to something very sinister to do to Americans.
We still have our numbers, and in the U.S. we still have our handguns, so we FAR outnumber any force they can send against us. They are likely to create a big false flag event soon (it may be really big), also, they have to convince the military that we need to be detained, so my thought was them creating a fake pandemic, push for vaccinations and then round up the “infected” to go off to FEMA and never be heard from again. The same people behind New World Order, (The Vatican, the Royal Family, the Rothschilds and Crown bankers) were also behind Hitler and WW2. Their evil knows no bounds.
Stay away from GMOs as much as possible (here and there won’t kill you, but a steady diet of them and you will get cancer and be a statistic before long.) DO NOT TAKE any vaccines. I know in the past they have been bad, but not that bad. Times have changed, and they have a LOT of people to kill worldwide to meet their 500 million quota, so avoid vaccines like your life depends on it. As far as the civil war they are trying to start, I think people are wising up to their false flags, but we’ll see.
Any military people, I know you probably look at this like a crazy rant, but this is NWO. Don’t look at them like people, they are psychopaths and want all the resources for them and want absolute control. They have been planning this for years, them building all the FEMA concentration camps is proof of that. So consider the reason when you are told martial law has been implemented and round ups need to happen “for our safety”. Also, if it’s just done through economic collapse, their next step will be to pull the food and create panic and insurrection, leading to rioting and an eventual starvation/genocide. The UN has done this to countless other countries, the U.S. is no different. So, try to stock up on some food. We have been infiltrated from within, sold out for worthless paper money by our politicians, so we all need to join together to weather and defeat this NWO storm that is coming.
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