Wednesday, September 4, 2013


by: Julie Telgenhoff

Most Americans haven't figured out that they have no freedom or say in what goes on in that illegal 20 miles radius of Corporation/Bankster land called, Washington DC. That area has it's own law vs their common law. The False Left vs Right Paradigm keeps them stuck in the Political Matrix ...thinking that they have a choice or some control over their Politicians! Most of these Politicians have been compromised and therefore, work for the Global Elitists, not the people they are suppose to represent.

Compliments the Controlled Mainstream Media (MSM) TV News, watch as the war game of chess plays out on the American public who overwhelmingly do NOT want a war on Syria. Both the Republican and Democrat Leaders (Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner) of this FALSE/FAKE Left vs Right Party Paradigm are behind the Globalist's "Chosen" POTUS, Obama, and his Vice Minion, Joe "I am a Zionist" Biden, war on Syria. The game goes like this: the MSM TV News complies and broadcasts the game showing one puppet from one fake party giving their point of view and vote against the war on Syria vs the other fake party doing the same, but in support of bombing another innocent country! Yes, it's all a game to these Psychopathic Entities that control the world we live in; hence why we truly live in a matrix. And, they use their narcissistic, power and fiat money hungry puppets and minions to carry out the dirty work of "Selling the War Lie".


This is what happened to the most recent country who had another "DICTATOR KILLING HIS OWN PEOPLE" ...let that sink in for brainwashing purposes. Do a google search to find out what kind of democracy and humanitarian efforts are in affect in LIBYA now that they have that good ole Democracy. Oh ....and let's not forget that a CENTRAL BANK WAS INSTALLED DURING THE MIDST OF 'Bringing in that Democracy' to the people of Libya! See here for that information:

Libya also has the largest oil reserves in Africa. The objective of the US-NATO interference was strategic: it consisted in outright theft, in stealing the nation’s oil wealth under the disguise of a humanitarian intervention. Sound familiar?

This is an older article, but it details the reasons why the Libyan population needed democracy:

Read the following article to see about the lives of most Libyans BEFORE they were given "Democracy" by an unconstitutional war via the use of NATO. But, keep this a secret ....Americans are suppose to be kept in the dark about what's really going on outside their immediate vicinity and "created" false reality.:

The Corporate Owned and Controlled Mainstream Media (MSM) News use their Talking Heads to read the scripted TV News to sell the war lie. They are complicit in crimes against humanity and basically ...."LIE FOR A LIVING"! The following article will provide information on who OWNS the News (AKA: information):

One can only control  information via the use of consolidation. When only 6 Monolithic Corporations own and control everything we watch, read and hear, it's much easier to control a population. "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."  - Lord Acton

Unlike the Libya Lie, with Syria, the US Gangsta Government didn't even have to lie about how they were using US tax payer fiat money. They openly admitted to funding the Free Syrian Army (FSA) Terrorists to get another regime change to a puppet who will obey the Globalist's New World Order (NWO) plans. They probably knew by this point that most Americans were too poisoned and brainwashed to even connect the dots on that one. Most of these FSA Terrorist thugs were the same terrorist rebels that were utilized for the ole game of  bringing "Humanitarianism" to Libya. "WE MUST BRING DEMOCRACY TO THIS COUNTRY WHOSE DICTATOR IS KILLING HIS OWN PEOPLE" ...again, .let that sink in because that's how the mind control game works.

It's no secret that Al-Qaeda is an INVENTION. Unfortunately, for one to know this, they'd have to want the inconvenient truth over the comforting lies that have been sold to them. 

In the following video, the devil herself, Hillary Clinton, admits that the US government created and funded Al-Qaeda in order to fight the Soviet Union. They used their CIA cronies (the CIA is a terrorist organization) to recruit these thugs called the EXTREMIST Wahhabi brand of Islam to invent an opposition group. Al-Qaeda = Al-CIA-DA! The joke is on all Americans who haven't figured this out yet! The Arabs and Muslims are also mere pawns in these war games as the NWO Globalists are known to create and then fund both sides of war. Unfortunately, the peaceful religion of Islam has been USED as the means to divide and conquer the Middle East. 

The Divide and Conquer Agenda is the HOW and the WHY a small group of criminal elitists have and will continue to have control over their LARGER slave population. And ...IT WORKS!!! They are well aware that their slaves will never unite against the real evil if they are in the midst of constant infighting. It doesn't matter what it is, they know that if they can control everything we read, see and hear, they can control our emotional reactions and/or even divert our attention away from something they do not want us to see. That's why we truly do live in a Controlled Matrix. 

Now another country, Syria, is about to have the sh*t bombed out of it. Watch the following video so you can see what the beginning of :"democracy" really looks like. Libya got their "democracy" under the guise of "THIS DICTATOR IS KILLING HIS OWN PEOPLE" humanitarian efforts, and unfortunately, they are suffering for it. WARNING: VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED!

To our fellow brothers and sisters in Syria, we at 'A Sheep No More' know the TRUTH, and we will assist in stopping these continued war crimes against humanity by using the only avenue we have .....through Independent, Alternative Media and putting it out there on the internet while we still can. 

Why Syria? 

Syria, Pipeline Politics, OPEC & the USDollar:

In addition to utilizing the internet to spread awareness and assist in waking up Americans and people globally, activists are continuing to hold Global No War With Syria Rallies. Please see here for the information:

We will continue to fight the good fight. God Bless YOU! and

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