Friday, October 4, 2013

Liberty vs Tyranny ....Choose Wisely


- They poison our food with GMOs designed to make us sick and infertile
- They poison our water with fluoride 
- They poison the very air we breathe with chemtrails
- They poison the vaccines
- They poison the pharmaceuticals
- They hide free energy
- They hide cancer cures
- They develop viruses in labs to release on an unsuspecting public
- They lie about wars
- The media is all government controlled propaganda to poison our minds 
- The school systems aren’t used to educate, but instead to indoctrinate 
- They are building the biggest police state matrix that ever existed
- They lock citizens up with no formal charges or court indefinitely (NDAA)
- They murder inncocent men, women and children around the world with drone strikes
- They are the biggest terrorists and drug dealers on the planet
- Their actions make Americans the most hated people on the planet

If they already do all this with us armed, can you imagine how bad what they have planned next must be if they feel they need to disarm us with false flags first before they do it?

Time to Wake up America - We need you! 

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  1. The USA has been in a state of class warfare since its inception. The increasing unholy alliance between BIG business and BIG government has led to a huge increase in the intensity of that war.

    The masses of common folks are being spit upon and the awareness of the class war and the anger regarding that war is growing. The much-needed Revolutionary War Two may be the only way to make any meaningful changes in the many systems used by greedy and power-hungry parasites who are sucking the life blood from We, the People.

    What will be the spark lighting the flames of Revolutionary War Two.