Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Roundup Ready Alfalfa Planted While We Do the Labeling Dance

GMO Labeling Danceby:Barbara H. Peterson
Yes, while we carry signs, march around, and engage in the farce of supposedly fighting Monsanto to get them to please allow us to label some of their genetically engineered food products (GMOs) on the grocery store shelves, wholesale contamination is occurring right under our noses that only a ban would have stopped.
But no, instead of concentrating on a ban, we hide our heads in the sand, eat GMO alfalfa-fed beef, and watch as our entire 2013 crop of hay gets contaminated with Roundup Ready genes. But don’t worry, alfalfa fields only last for six years before replanting. Enough time to pollute every hay field within several miles of the planting and beyond.
So, it looks like I am nearing the end of my alfalfa purchases. I will no longer be able to get non-contaminated alfalfa hay for my critters, and that has been a staple ever since I’ve had them. No more. I will no longer be able to trust any of the alfalfa in the grand old United States to be free of GMO contamination except for three counties in California (Marin, Trinity, and Mendocino) and one county in Washington (San Juan) that have had the foresight to ban GMO planting. These counties get it. You’ve got to get to the root of the matter, and that is to keep GMOs from being put in the ground in the first place. When it gets to the point of labeling, it is already too late.
Let me ask those who are leading the labeling campaign some questions:
  • Why did you sell out to labeling instead of a complete ban?
  • Why are you participating in the phony, yes I said phony, fight to label when only a ban will accomplish stopping GMOs in their tracks? Is it because you can still appear to be one of the good guys while raking in the bucks from the GMO contaminated “organic” food you sell and/or promote by the compromised companies that sponsor your sites?
  • And the million dollar question – How do you sleep at night knowing that you are promoting that which you say you are against and watch while the planet is polluted with transgenic crops?
  • Will your labeling fight address hay fields full of GMO alfalfa? Let me answer this one for you: NO! IT WILL NOT!
And to the followers of these sellouts:
  • Why are you allowing yourself to be led by the nose in a false fight that is only designed to make the leaders more money and not get rid of GMOs?
And the GMO spread continues as those in positions to really make a difference turn their backs on the people who trust them and sell them out for the almighty buck. Shame on you!
©2013 Barbara H. Peterson

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