Friday, October 4, 2013

Militants Gun Down Mother In Front of Her Child

capitalgunmenAn unarmed, 34 year olddental hygienist by the name of Miriam Carey, from Stamford Connecticut, was murdered earlier today near the home of reputed mob boss Barack Obama. Dozens of bullets tore through her black two-door Infiniti, as she traveled with her toddler. Her body was so badly torn apart by the gunfire, that in the end, the gunmen were not even sure who it was they had killed.
When asked what provoked such a vicious assault, the assassins told reporters that the woman had come too close to the gates of their leaders home. Though there are reports the gang members may have been trying shift blame onto the young mother, for damage one of their own vehicles had caused.
So brutal was the slaying, that even one of the gangs mid level leaders was frightened, according to the New York Times,
Representative Juan Vargas of California said he was walking back toward the Capitol when he heard several loud bangs, which he initially thought might be a car backfiring.
“I heard ‘pop, pop,’ and honestly I didn’t think anything of it,” he said. Then, he said he saw a police officer charging for him: “I was wondering what’s going on, why is this guy coming at me like a maniac? What’s the deal here? I didn’t understand what had happened.”
The violent outburst also frightened slaves of the organized crime ring, commonly referred to as The United States Federal Government, of which Obama is the President.
As soon as she neared the gang leaders home, “It was like poking a hornet nest.” said B. J. Campbell, a tourist from Portland, Oregon.
“We just dropped to the ground,” said Edmund Ofori-Attah, a missionary from Togo. “I didn’t want to get hit.” When Mr. Ofori-Attah got up a few minutes later, he said he saw the police remove the child from the dead woman’s car.
It was unclear what the gunmen’s intentions for the child were, but people familiar with the gang’s operations say they have an arrangement with another criminal organization known as CPS (Child “Protective” Services), that sells the children as lab rats for pharmaceutical companies.
After the commotion, the mid level leaders of the gang gathered nearby to praise the assassination.

Update 11:03 pm Video has emerged showing the young mother trying to escape as the gang members first try to rip her out of her car, and then open fire on her.

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  1. Seeing you understand the situation in Gangland it would make sense not to approach the situation the way she did. Not saying either side is right, just trying to be sensible.