Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sun Gazing: The Ultimate Free Meal

Written by Daniel D. Davis

Sun Gazing:  The Ultimate Free Meal
While channel surfing one day, I stumbled across a documentary that at first I assumed to be a hoax.  Although I kept surfing, I returned to the movie more and more until I could not help but watch the last half-hour continuously.  After a bit of internet research to confirm what I had seen, when the film reappeared on the Documentary Channel, I viewed it in its entirety.  By adapting lessons learned from the documentary, I have since achieved a way of life I would have once thought impossible—if not downright outlandish.

sun gazing for healthThe subject of the documentary Eat the Sun is the practice of sun gazing, an alternative source of energy and construction materials for the body.  In fact, keeping in mind Einstein’s revelation that energy is mass, and vice-versa, it would appear that sun gazing allows you to gain the necessary energy and nutrients directly from the sun because blood passing through the retinas in your eyes is essentially exposed directly to sunlight during the process.  Since the whole point of eating is to get nutrients into your blood so it can provide power and the necessary building materials to your body, by sun gazing you are, in effect, ‘cutting out the middle man’.  Another way to think of the result is that the sun is a positive electric pole, the earth is a negative pole, and the sun gazer is a rechargeable battery.  By taking advantage of this free charge, you can drastically reduce the amount of food you need to eat.

In addition, doctors recently discovered a special nerve connection directly from the retinas to the pineal gland, a component of the brain which regulates various critical functions in the body such as the production of important enzymes and hormones. One such hormone is melatonin, which can cause sleepiness but is also a powerful antioxidant, and much of what happens in a person’s body is a result of the activation of melatonin receptors.  For reasons such as these, the pineal gland could be considered the most important constituent of the human nervous system.  Furthermore, the gland contains magnetite, the same substance that allows certain animals to use the earth’s geomagnetic field to navigate, hence it is particularly responsive to the earth’s changing energy aura during particular times of the day.

In many people the efficiency of the pineal has become drastically reduced, however, because it has effectively been coated with a form of calcium that can make it appear like a rock in MRIs.  This calcification is caused by various substances in the typical diet such as fluoride, chlorine, bromide, and the calcium in processed food and supplements, and is likely exacerbated by microorganisms in the blood.  Sun gazing is an excellent way to decalcify the gland, which could explain why many of those who take up the habit claim to be cured of all manner of diseases.

Known as the ‘third eye’, or a ‘spiritual antenna’, the pineal gland is also critical in religious contexts, which is why sun gazing often becomes a meditative routine.  Some of the recommended practices by followers of New Age or New Thought religions can become quite complex, indeed.

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